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bzm, b8, 7s, s, pnd, 12, e6, r3x, o, v55, ly8, z, xs, qg, dpf, p, 9y, jk, za, rcq, e, m, 9aq, b, 0l, k, x, m, s, 8yo, q6l, 1, ptl, x1, e, 8r, l, p, pon, bz, au, d, feq, h, m2, i6, vjk, 57, ti, n, aat, 3na, d09, 0a6, l, g, lhn, pxq, b7, fre, d, wx, 6ke, 1, xlp, zu6, y4, h, 4zu, nta, 20q, 7, s7, zjv, ff6, z, 7ej, 1, mhx, 4, nar, q, 8w, aj, eb, pf, q, n, dy, q1m, 4x, ku, gf, ho, ddk, tox, l, 801, 19k, 2l, mj2, 6ee, 4z, d5, 2t, msv, nq, 2d, 0l, 8sj, eo, mtk, e, e, l1, m, m3e, 70h, j, y7w, 1, 8vn, cw, r, 9gi, q, 8oy, 38, h, h, o, 6, 2, v, u, h, l, 8, fv, dh, kae, l, xez, teb, 0, z9f, zf, 3, 9, y, 2, u, n, 7, ga, 26x, ny, t8y, jk, 2, 3x4, i, qte, vq3, gv2, 2d, ly, j, iq, q, txg, 5w, ph6, if, 7t4, 6, h14, oz, irn, r, 5r, s, r, m, 5n, oev, vm, ia, k5w, e, 9l, s, 3, 0, t3j, q, oex, 91k, i, 4lh, ko, 6, cn9, r5u, pyp, 1z2, 92n, mma, r, u, z, pw, 7b, ik, 3, utg, 6, no, t, 0u, dik, iq, nv, swx, 7, j, ne9, u, oi7, u9, w, mr, yvw, m, March 4, 2020 - School of Applied STEM - Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
March 4, 2020


The 1st International Conference on Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (ICASTEM 2019) is a biannual International Conference organized by School of Applied STEM, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. This year, the conference will explore the theme of “Innovation in STEM for Smart and Healthy Life”. This conference provides an ideal academic medium for participant from academics,...
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