Student Activities

Pro G(r)amming by SISO

Prog(r)amming is a series of events which consists of several interactive and interesting video game modules that are fun for children. This event aims to break the stigma around the difficulties of programming, and prove that programming is exciting to be explored further.

STEM Students Project Exhibition

An exhibition of student creations. This event invites the entire Prasetiya Mulya community, students, and companies to provide input on STEM students projects.

STEM Students Project Exhibition
Science Fun Day is a series of events, consisting of several fun and stimulating workshops, which is packaged to teach the practice of science to children.

Science Fun Day by SISO

Science Fun Day is a series of events consisting of several interesting workshops and is fun in nature, which is packaged as an event to realize the practice of Natural Sciences to children.

Art & Skill

Sound Of Phoenix (Orchestra)

Blue Tone (Band)

Svara Prasetiya (Choir)

Teater Puskara

The Prodigy (Dance)

Blue Kitchen (Cooking)

Tatra Sasikirana (Traditional Dance)








Personal Development

ICC (Intregrated Communication Club)

PMPC (Prasetiya Mulya Property Club)

Apochromatic (Photography)

Exelust (Pecinta Alam)

Acuitas (Acuitas Consulting)

Bleu (Otomotive)