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ADINDA IHSANI PUTRI - School of Applied STEM - Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


(021) 304 50 500
3rd Floor, Liem Sioe Liong Building, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus
Renewable Energy Engineering


Adinda Ihsani Putri is a faculty member of Renewable Energy Engineering study programme at School of Applied STEM – Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. Adinda Ihsani Putri specializes in power electronics for renewable energy and electric vehicles which she has been working on for more than 10 years. She has designed and researched PWM modulators for multiphase inverter systems, MPPT with fuzzy logic for Wind Power Plants (PLTB), electric motor controllers and virtual inductors to improve the performance of three-phase inverters. From these studies, several papers, international journals and awards have been produced.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electro Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2012
  • Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chungbuk National University, Korea Selatan, 2012
  • Bachelor of Teknik Tenaga Listrik, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2010
  • 2014, Peserta Terbaik, Pelatihan Kepemimpinan XI LPDP, Indonesia
  • 2014-2018, Penerima Beasiswa Doktor, LPDP, Indonesia
  • 2016, Best Student Paper Award, ICIMECE 2016, Indonesia
  • 2018, Outstanding Presenter, APEC 2018, Amerika Serikat
  • AI Putri, A Rizqiawan, TD Rachmildha, Y Haroen, PA Dahono, “Minimization of Dead-Time Effect in Current-Controlled Three-Phase PWM Inverters by Using Virtual Inductor,” International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 12 (1), 117-128, Mar 2020
  • Putri A. I., Rizqiawan A., Rachmilda T. D., Haroen Y. and Dahono P.A., “Suppressing Dead-Time Effect In Current-Controlled Three-Phase PWM Inverters By Using Virtual Inductor,” 2018 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), San Antonio, Mar 2018
  • Putri A.I., Widodo S., Rizqiawan A., Rachmilda T., Haroen Y. and Dahono P.A., “Suppressing the Effect of Grid Unbalances in Current Controlled Grid Connected Inverter Using Virtual Inductor,” The 3rd IEEE Conference on Power Engineering and Renewable Energy ICPERE 2016, Yogyakarta, Nov. 2016
  • Putri, A.I., Rizqiawan A., Rozzi F., Zakkia N., Haroen Y. and Dahono, P.A., “A New Hysteresis Current Controller for Grid-Connected Inverter with Reduced Losses,” 2016 2nd International Conference of Industrial, Mechanical,Electrical, Chemical Engineering (ICIMECE), Yogyakarta, Okt. 2016
  • Putri, A.I., Minho Ahn and Jaeho Choi, “Speed Sensorless Fuzzy MPPT Control of Grid-Connected PMSG for Wind Power Generation,” IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA) pp.1-6, Nagasaki, Nov. 2012
  • 2010-2012, Graduate Research Asistant, Chungbuk National University, Korea Selatan
  • 2011-2012, Tutor, Universitas Terbuka, Korea Selatan
  • 2012-2013, Guru Fisika, Darul Hikam Integrated School (DHIS) Secondary, Indonesia
  • 2012-2013, Peneliti, PT. LEN Industri Persero, Indonesia
  • 2014-2021, Asisten Peneliti Pascasarjana, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia