Valantino Agus Sutomo, M.Sc is currently a researcher and faculty member in department of Business Mathematics, STEM, Prasetiya Mulya University. He has spent less than equal 5 years as academician in Bandung Institute of Technology, while studying here he served as academic lecturer, teaching assistant, and also research assistant professor in mathematics and actuarial science. In ITB he was under supervision by Dumaria R. Tampubolon Ph.D and Prof Hendra Gunawan, to study and research deeply in ‘Reserving and Risk Management in Insurance”, who also interested to teach in the area of Quantitative Risk Management, Actuarial science. He took several short course between READI project and Waterloo university, in order to develop his expertise in data and insurance problem. Now he is joining research with a professor of waterloo in "effect of climate change problem to assess the risk and determine the reserve on insurance company". He also has several qualification certificate of ASAI from Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia. He did and involved in Chevron project to calculate hydrocarbon impact soil (HIS) for remediation process, and Nonlife Insurance project to calculate the pure premium of automobile insurance Indonesia. He was an expert using Matlab and popular using Scilab, R-soft, Minitab for solving statistics, industrial mathematics, and actuarial science problem. He expect to share his experience and knowledge in teaching especially in actuarial science related for business mathematics program.




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