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Higher education reform in Indonesia is highly needed due to changes in society today as evidenced by democratization of knowledge, growth of smartphone society, rise of an interconnected generation, and science and technology breakthroughs around the world.

Prasetiya Mulya University offers an answer to higher education reform in a belief that collaboration between science, technology, and business will create a great career opportunity as entrepreneurial engineers or as professional engineers. This career opportunity contributes significantly to advancing business strengthened by science and technology innovation in Indonesia.

To achieve a science and technology reputation, Prasetiya Mulya University is applying a collaborative platform of education with renowned business enterprises, domestic and overseas universities, and research institutions. This collaboration ensues from the decision of Prasetiya Mulya University to establish School of Applied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which was launched in March 2016 together with the transformation of Prasetiya Mulya into a university.

School of Applied STEM Prasetiya Mulya University is running the following undergraduate study programmes:

The distinctive feature of these study programmes is the application of experimentation and prototype development as graduation requirement, discovery-based lecture pedagogy, and start-up business cultivation based on technology and engineering. Such study programmes are very suitable for high school graduates who are keen to sharpen their creativity to make innovations in technology and engineering the best solution to many business challenges.

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Education at Prasetiya Mulya University puts an emphasis on innovation. The complexity of innovation requires not only an ingenious educational programme, but also strong characters and competence of the students. Our graduates are prepared to equip themselves with entrepreneurial engineer capability, which combines the capability of an engineer and an entrepreneur. This is manifested as a balance between hard and soft skills, between academic and non-academic skills.

The required academic capability at School of Applied STEM Prasetiya Mulya University includes:
  • Ability to understand and analyse a multitude of problems at micro and macro scale. Micro-level problems may be faced by consumers or companies, whereas macro-level problems may be encountered in an urban or even national scale. Therefore, a sensitivity to identify problems around us is needed. Such ability would not only hone one’s engineering skills, but also his/her entrepreneurial skills.
  • Ability to model a problem. A complex problem is often an abstract one. Before solutions are put forward, an ability to represent a problem as a model is needed.
  • Ability to map the problem into different contexts. More often than not, a problem in a certain context is related to a problem in another. Accordingly, an ability to connect problems with one another is needed.
  • Ability to offer solutions as a process. The problem complexity requires problem solving in a sequential process. This needs an ability to think in a process.
  • Ability to offer solutions in many alternatives. An innovative person is not only able to offer solutions, but also to offer them in many different options and approaches. This requires divergent thinking capability.
In addition to the above academic capability, the required non-academic capability at School of Applied STEM Prasetiya Mulya University includes:
  • Integrity. A high level of intellectuality has to be supported by a character of integrity, such as honesty and humility. Such character is needed since innovation is inherently open. An innovative person is always ready to be responsible for his ideas and creations.
  • Adaptive ability to interact with everyone regardless of status. Such ability is vital in that it will improve one’s ability to understand firmly many different problems and to offer a variety of solutions. Such ability is among other demonstrated by participation in groups or communities.
  • Ability to carry out new or emerging things, experiments, or activities. To an innovative person, such ability is required to offer the latest and fresh solution through novel ideas, activities, or products.
To help attain the above goals, School of Applied STEM Universitas Prasetiya Mulya facilitates its students through curricular and extracurricular activities. The students not only acquire knowledge through lectures given by academics or practitioners and through lab experiments and company visits, but also have all the opportunity to grow their interest in innovative experiments or activities through NextGen. NextGen is a community and digital working space that serves as an umbrella to extracurricular and multidisciplinary innovation experiments or activities. Investors will be invited on a regular basis to pick up selected activities highlighted on NextGen and to fund them towards start-up business.

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