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(021) 304 50 500 ext. 2250
3rd Floor, Liem Sioe Liong Building, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus

Food Business Technology

Publication (Selected)

Dr. Yalun Arifin is currently a faculty member and the head of Food Business and Technology at Prasetiya Mulya University, Indonesia. Previously, he worked as academic and research staff in several universities in Indonesia, Australia, and Malaysia. He teaches several units in Chemical Engineering, Food Technology, and Biotechnology. His research and interest are in food bioprocess engineering, metabolic engineering, and algae biorefinery. Dr Yalun developed superior microbial strain and optimum fermentation system for producing bioplastic material from sucrose fermentation during his PhD research in Australia. His research in metabolic engineering and bioprocess continued for obtaining superior microorganism for utilization of agricultural by-products to obtain biofuel and bioproducts. Also, he has been conducting research and industrial cooperation in algae Spirulina cultivation and extraction to obtain high value product.

  • Ph.D in Biological Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia, 2011
  • M.Sc in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2003
  • B.Eng in Chemical Engineering, University of Surabaya, Indonesia, 1998
  • 2016, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, co-investigator
  • 2014, PEER Science Research Grant, USAID, The National Academies, Principal investigator
  • 2013, University of Queensland Indonesian Partnership Award
  • 2013, 2nd Best Poster, EBTKE-Conex, Directorate General for New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
  • 2012, International Foundation for Science (IFS) Research Grant, Principal investigator.
  • 2011, Science and Technology Research Grant, Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF), Principal investigator.
  • 2010, University of Queensland Postgraduate Scholarship Support Award.
  • 2006, Australian Development Scholarship Award, AusAID.
  • 2001, StuNed Scholarship Award, Netherlands Education Center, Nuffic.
  • Project advisor, Del Superior High School – NASA International Space Station project,, 2015-2016
  • Committee, Society of Malaysian Chemical Engineers symposium 2016, Curtin University Sarawak
  • Team leader for Chemical Engineering, Curtin University Sarawak Open Day 2016
  • Committee member for external relation, Curtin University Sarawak, 2015-2016
  • Project leader, Cultivation and commercialization of microalgae Spirulina platensis, Surya University – PT Maris Sustainable Indonesia project, 2013 - 2015
  • Project consultant, Spirulina farm, PT Kimia Farma Tbk, 2015
  • Team leader, Surya University accreditation committee, 2014
  • Co-leader, Surya University and STKIP Surya committee for development of new study programs, 2011-2013
  • Research asisstant, Isomaltulose fermentation study, Metabolic Engineering group in AIBN, Univ of Queensland, REDI project, 2008
  • Project leader, Technological and Professional Skills Development Project (TPSDP) batch II for Chemical Engineering Department University of Surabaya, Asian Development Bank and Indonesian Government Directorate of Higher Education project, 2004-2006
Publication (Selected)
  • Niken Taufiqurrahmi, Pijar Religia, Grace Mulyani, Dede Suryana, Ichsan, Faisal Amri Tanjung, Yalun Arifin (2016), Phycocyanin extraction in Spirulina produced using agricultural waste, Proceeding of Society of Malaysian Chemical Engineers symposium 2016, IOP Materials Science and Engineering
  • Yalun Arifin, Colin Archer, SooA Lim, Lake-Ee Quek, Haryadi Sugiarto, Esteban Marcellin, Claudia E. Vickers, Jens O. Krömer, Lars K. Nielsen (2014), Escherichia coli W shows fast, highly oxidative sucrose metabolism and low acetate formation, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 98, 9033-9044, DOI 10.1007/s00253-014-5956-4 (IF=3.34)
  • Y Arifin, E Tanudjaja, A Dimyati, R Pinontoan (2014), A second generation biofuel from cellulosic agricultural by-product fermentation using Clostridium species for electricity generation, Energy Procedia 47, 310-315. (IF=1.07)
  • Yalun Arifin, Suriana Sabri, Haryadi Sugiarto, Jens O. Krömer, Claudia E. Vickers, Lars K. Nielsen (2011), Deletion of cscR in Escherichia coli W improves growth and poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) production from sucrose in fed batch culture. Journal of Biotechnology 156 (4), 275-278. (IF=2.67)
  • Yalun Arifin, Haryadi Sugiarto, Suriana Sabri, Jens O. Krömer, Claudia E. Vickers, Lars K. Nielsen (2010), Metabolic engineering of sucrose utilizing Escherichia coli for polyhydroxybutyrate production, Journal of Biotechnology 150 (S1), 72-73. 14th International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition, Rimini, Italy. (IF=2.67)
  • Viktor M. Boer, Siew Leng Tai, Zeynep Vuralhan, Yalun Arifin, Michael C.Walsh, Matthew D.W. Piper, Johannes H. de Winde, Jack T. Pronk, Jean-Marc Daran (2007), Transcriptional responses of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to growth on preferred and non-preferred nitrogen sources in glucose-limited chemostat cultures, FEMS Yeast Research 7 (4), 604-620. (IF=2.48)
  • P.L.J. Swinkels, R.D. van der Weijden,A.N. Ajah, Y. Arifin, H.L. Loe, M.H. Manik, I. Siriski and M.A. Reuter, (2004) Conceptual process design as a prerequisite for solving environmental problems; a case study of molybdenum removal and recovery from wastewater, Minerals Engineering 17, Issue 2, p.205-215. (IF=1.60)